All True Religion

Jesus is . . .
our sun, and without Him all is darkness;
our life, and without Him all is death;
the beginner and finisher of our faith;
the substance of our hope;
the object of our love.

It is the Spirit who quickens us . . .
to feel our need of Christ;
to seek all our supplies in Him and from Him;
to believe in Him unto everlasting life,
and thus live a life of faith upon Him.

By His . . .
secret teachings,
inward touches,
gracious smiles,
soft whispers,
sweet promises,
manifestations of Christ’s glorious Person and work,
Christ’s agonizing sufferings and dying love, the
Holy Spirit draws the heart up to Christ.

He thus wins our affections and setting Christ
before our eyes as “the chief among ten thousand
and the altogether lovely One,” draws out that love
and affection towards Jesus which puts the world
under our feet.

All true religion flows from the Spirit’s grace,
presence and power.

-J.C Philpot