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But Who Is Our Greatest Enemy?

He who you carry in your own bosom—your daily, hourly, and ever-present companion, that entwines himself in nearly every thought of your heart—that . . .  sometimes puffs up with pride, sometimes inflames with lust, sometimes inflates with presumption, and sometimes works under feigned humility and fleshly holiness.

God is determined to stain the pride of human glory. He will never let self (which is but another word for the creature) wear the crown of victory. 
It must be crucified, denied, and mortified.

Now this self must be overcome. The way to overcome self is by looking out of self to Him who was crucified upon Calvary’s tree—to receive His image into your heart—to be clothed with His likeness—to drink into His spirit—and “receive out of His fullness grace for grace.”

-J.C Philpot