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God Is Sovereign In Salvation

The LORD is absolutely Sovereign in all things. He is Sovereign in creation, in providence and especially the Salvation of sinners (Isaiah 46:10-13; Psalm 115:3). The scripture says God, in sovereign election, loved Jacob and hated Esau — and this before they were ever born having done neither good nor evil (Romans 9:11-13). This is the doctrine of election that the self-righteous man despises, but it is the doctrine of free Grace that the sinner loves. A sinner is one that has no hope of ever pleasing God and by nature knows if left to himself he would never choose Christ (Romans 3:10-20; John 6:44). Had God not elected there would be no salvation. (Romans 9:29) But God chose, and Christ died for the elect. The Spirit quickens to life, and the elect believe. Therefore those saved by grace love the gospel of Grace.

-Pastor Fred Evans