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My Soul, Wait Thee Only Upon God

(Psalm 62)

Amid all the trials, conflicts, and attacks from the enemies of his soul, David always returned to his original hope, as the dove returned to the ark. “MY SOUL, WAIT THOU ONLY UPON GOD.” The battle is the Lord’s; and He only can justify, comfort, and keep me. “MY EXPECTATION IS FROM HIM” (vs. 5). In Him dwells all fullness, all blessings, and all wis­dom. He will exalt me in due time, for “HE ONLY IS MY ROCK AND MY SALVATION” (vs. 6). If God be for me, who or what can be against me? And really, what does it matter who is against me, for I am complete in Him and accepted of the Father in Him. “HE ONLY IS MY DEFENCE” (vs. 6) against false charges or true charges. So I will “TRUST IN HIM AT ALL TIMES” (vs. 8); in times of prosperity or poverty, for I know (or should know) how to abound or to be abased. In times of fellowship or loneliness, He will never leave me. In times of health, sickness, or death, He is my refuge. I will “POUR OUT MY HEART BEFORE HIM” (vs. 8). His heart is set on us; let us set our hearts upon Him. Let our inmost desires, doubts, thoughts, sorrows, and joys be poured out like water before the Lord. Hide nothing from Him, for nothing can be hid from Him. We shall learn to pray when we learn to be OPEN AND HONEST BEFORE THE LORD!

-Henry Mahan