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No Matter How Deep

At that moment the Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. (Luke 22:61)

There was a deep meaning in that look.

It was a sermon which Peter never forgot.

The love of Christ toward His people is a deep well which has no bottom! Let us never measure it by comparison with any kind of love of man or woman. It exceeds all other love—as far as the sun exceeds the candle light. There is about it a mine of compassion, and patience, and readiness to forgive sin—of whose riches we have but a faint conception.

Let us not be afraid to trust that love—when we first feel our sins. No man need despair, however far he may have fallen, if he will only repent and turn to Christ. If the heart of Jesus was so gracious when He was a prisoner in the judgment hall—we surely need not think it is less gracious, when He sits in glory at the right hand of the Father!

-J.C Ryle