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Of The Beautiful Union Of The Saints In Christ

The Lord’s people are all one in Christ; and as such — they are near and dear to Him. They are also one with each other, being one body, influenced by one Spirit, walking by one written rule, and traveling along one consecrated way, to one eternal home!

What a mercy — to be one with Christ! What a mercy — to be one with the people of Christ! Building on the same foundation, encouraging the same hopes, and sharing the same privileges. As branches of the same vine, as stones in the same building, as members of the same body — our connection is close, and our fellowship should be profitable.

We are said to be fellow-citizens, forming part of the same commonwealth, entitled to the same blessings, and required to perform the same duties.

We are fellow-servants in the same family, sitting at the same table, employed in the same service, and doing honor to the same master.

We are fellow-laborers, in the same vineyard, engaged for the same purpose, at the same pay, to aim at the same object.

We are fellow-soldiers, forming part of the same army, engaged in the same warfare, against the same foes.

We are fellow-sufferers, in the same cause, from the same sources, and in the same way.

We are fellow-helpers, and should assist each other in conflict, in toil, and in trouble.

We are fellow-heirs, being all of us heirs of God, and joint heirs with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us have fellowship with each other, in all things spiritual and holy; and rejoice in the thought, that though we may differ in circumstantials — we are one in essentials. Yes, being one with Christ — we are all one in Christ. We are members one of another, even as we are members of Christ. Blessed be God for our union to Christ — and fellowship with each other!

-James Smith