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Personal, Spiritual, Experimental Knowledge

It is our dim, scanty, and imperfect knowledge of the Lord Jesus
Christ in His eternal love—and in His grace and glory—which
leaves us so often cold, lifeless, and dead in our affections towards
Him. If there were more blessed revelations to our soul of the
Person and work, grace and glory, beauty and blessedness of the
Lord Jesus Christ—it is impossible but that we would more and
more warmly and tenderly fall in love with Him—for He is the
most glorious object that the eyes of faith can see! He fills heaven
with the resplendent beams of His glorious majesty—and has
ravished the hearts of thousands of His dear family upon earth by
the manifestations of His bleeding, dying love. Just in proportion
to our personal, spiritual, experimental knowledge of Him, will be
our love to Him.

-J.C Philpot