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Resting in God

“.  .  .  A sinner’s peace cannot come from himself, nor from the knowledge of himself, nor from thinking about his own acts and feelings, nor from the consciousness of any amendment of his old self.

Whence, then, is it to come?  How does he get it?

It can only come from God; and it is in knowing God that he gets it. God has written a volume for the purpose of making himself known; and it is in this revelation of his character that the sinner is to find the rest that he is seeking.  God himself is the fountainhead of our peace; his revealed truth is the channel through which this peace finds its way into us; and his Holy Spirit is the great interpreter of that truth to us:  “Acquaint now thyself with him (God), and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.”  (Job 22:21).  Yes, acquaintanceship with God is peace!”

– Horatius Bonar