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Salvation in Christ is Sure and Certain

How long a beggar will wait, and how eagerly he will plead, although he has no promise of alms, but only the bare chance of winning a penny from a passer-by!  How laboriously will fishers cast their nets again and again, though nothing has been taken as yet, and their only encouragement is the possibility that fish may come that way!  How desperately will men dive into the sea with the expectation of finding pearls in oyster-shells, encountering fierce monsters of the deep with the uncertain hope of being enriched!  And will not men draw near to God when their outlook is so much more bright, their expectations so much more justifiable?  As for me, I will lay down my sick soul at Christ’s feet, in sure and certain belief that he will heal me, and then I will follow Him whithersoever he goes, in calm assurance that He will lead me to His eternal kingdom and glory.

-C.H Spurgeon