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The Believer’s Troubled Path Is God’s Wise Plan!

Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. (Acts 15:18)

Every trial, temptation, affliction, sorrow, are but the result of a definite plan in His eternal mind!

Yet to us how often all seems confusion! This confusion is not so much in the things themselves — as in our mind. Job, when surrounded by trouble, cried out, “I am full of confusion!” Yet we can see in reading his history that all his trials were working toward an appointed end. So every trial, sorrow, temptation or affliction, which has ever lain, or ever will lie, in your path — has been marked out by infinite, unerring wisdom!

Is not the commonest road laid out according to a definite plan? And does not the surveyor, when he lays it out, put every milestone in its proper place?

So, does not the Lord lay out beforehand the road in which His people should walk? And does He not put a trial here and a sorrow there — an affliction at this turning and a cross at that corner? All is definitely planned in His infinite wisdom, to bring the traveler safely home to Zion!

-J. C. Philpot