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The Gospel Is Good News, Or Glad Tidings

The Gospel is sent from Heaven, proclaimed on earth, heard by sinners, and gladly embraced by those who are ordained to eternal life.

The Gospel informs us that eternal redemption is obtained, a way into the holiest opened, and all condemnation removed from those who believe in Jesus.

The gospel reveals . . .
a Savior, in whom we must trust;
a Sovereign, whom we must obey;
a Priest, on whose atonement we must rest;
a Mediator, through whom we must apply for every blessing which we need;
a Prophet, from whom we must learn;
a friend, in whose love we must confide;
a brother, from whom we may expect;
a father, whose authority we must revere;
an apostle, whose mission we must study; and
an advocate, to whom we must commit our cause.

The gospel . . . flows from the free love, rich grace, and abundant mercy of our God; is founded in the Savior’s person, mediation, and death; becomes efficacious through the revelation, operation, and application of the Holy Spirit. By it, he begets faith, imparts love, and excites hope; and when accompanied by his blessing — it is received in demonstration and power.

The gospel is an everlasting monument of God’s wisdom, grace, and love. O may I feel more of the power, receive more of the light, and manifest more of the spirit of the gospel! O may I find it as sweet as honey, yes sweeter than the honeycomb to my taste! May I be taught to despise everything in compare with it, and say —

Should all the forms that men devise,
Assault my faith with treacherous art;
I’d call them vanity and lies,
And bind the gospel to my heart!

-James Smith