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True Faith

True faith is in a Person. “Abraham believed God. ” Paul said, “I know Whom I have believed. ” I do not trust the finished work of Christ. I trust Him who finished the work. Faith is not believing that Christ died for me. I may believe that He died for me when it may be that He did not. Faith is believing that He in His life, death, resurrection, and Person is able to save me. Faith is a reliance upon Him! Faith is not believing a doctrine, proposition, or historical event, although all of that is involved in faith. Faith is believing a Person! Faith is not giving assent to the Truth, although it does give assent to the Truth! Living faith trusts the Living Lord. What we believe is determined by who we believe. If we believe Him, what we believe will be settled. It is impossible to believe Him and not believe sovereign grace! As Henry Mahan said, “We do not come to Christ through doctrine, we come to true doctrine through Christ.

-Todd Nibert, Pastor of Todd’s Road Grace Church, Lexington, KY USA