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What Believers Know About God’s Salvation

If 99% of salvation is by grace, then salvation is 100% by works.  If any aspect of salvation is dependent upon man doing his part in order for God’s part to be fulfilled, then salvation is of man, and not of the Lord. Works and grace cannot be mixed.  They are mutually exclusive.  The belief that God loves all, Christ died for all, the Holy Spirit calls all, but salvation is dependent upon man’s acceptance or rejection of God’s offer of salvation is just as much salvation by works as believing you are saved by your law-keeping or baptism.  It still leaves salvation ultimately dependent upon man, and leaves him a ground for boasting.  

 But the fact of the matter is salvation is 100% by grace.  Everybody who is saved by grace knows that.  It is only those who do not know the grace of God that will leave any wiggle room for human works.

  -Todd Nibert, Pastor of Todd’s Road Grace Church, Lexington, KY USA