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A Good Life

“And Jesus said unto [the crucified thief], Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23.43)

Every life that ends in Christ is a good life. Sometimes God will allow one of his elect to live an entire life of sin, rebellion and violence, then, at the very end of it, call that person to Himself, just as he did with the thief on the cross. Others of His elect He might call early in their lives but leave them encompassed with infirmities such that they never seem of much use to anyone else; He may leave them to struggle with such illness that they cannot leave their homes; He might let them suffer unending pain and know little happiness, He might impoverish them so that they cannot see where the next meal will come from; they may suffer untold grief in the loss of their dearest loved ones and die alone so far as earthly family is concerned; they may die a miserable, slow, painful death; they may see their children rebel against God; they may work hard and gain much only to have it all taken from them, their life’s work crumble right before their eyes; yes, they may experience any of the sorrows and difficulties and outright tragedies that the children of wrath suffer. Yet, their life ends in Christ, so it is a good life.

Someone once said, “If we had God’s power, we would change everything; if we had God’s wisdom, we would change nothing.” Do not despair of your life if you find it a troublesome thing: many a winding, treacherous road leads to a safe haven. Many there are who float through life serenely, and men will praise them at their departure and count them among the blessed of God, yet their life ends outside of Christ, and their life is proven a waste, indeed. And many, like this thief on Calvary, will die cursed of men, considered to be a waste of human flesh, yet will be blessed of God, having had a good life.

So, do not despair of your life or the lives of your loved ones. Have you much suffering now? If your life ends in Christ, you are having a good life. Do you see your children and other loved ones living a godless life? Do not despair: they may be on the road to Christ.

Pastor Joe Terrell