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Living Near the Grave

Some happy truth from our late brother Joe Terrell, former pastor of Grace Community Church in Iowa.

It is good to live near the grave for it is in the light of the grave that we see this life as it really is – vanity. No matter the kind of life a person lives, it comes to the grave. The grave also teaches us that our hope must lie beyond what is found in this world: If everything here is vanity, then things of value and substance must be found elsewhere. The grave also teaches us how to live this present life: We must live our lives in the pursuit of Christ and the things concerning Him. Even as we enjoy the transient things of this life, let our eyes be fixed on things above, where Christ is. For the one whose heart is in this world, the grave puts an end to all he hoped for. But for the one whose heart is set on the world beyond the grave, the grave is merely the portal to the realization of all he has hoped for.