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We are Responsible to Test our Teachers

Jesus told them this parable: Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into the pit?” Luke 6:39

See the great danger of listening to false religious teachers. Our Lord compares such teachers and their hearers, to the blind leading the blind; and asks the reasonable question, “Will they not both fall into the pit?”

The amount of evil which unsound religious teaching has brought on the Church in every age is incalculable! The man who hears such a false teacher runs a fearful risk himself of being lost eternally! “Will they not both fall into the pit?”

If we would escape the danger against which our Lord warns us, we must not neglect to prove the teaching that we hear, by the holy Scriptures. We must not believe things merely because ministers say them. We must not suppose, as a matter of course, that ministers can make no mistakes!
We must remember the advice of Paul and John “Test all things.” “Test the spirits, whether they are of God.” With the Bible in our hands, and the promise of guidance from the Holy Spirit to all who seek it — we shall be without excuse if our souls are led astray.

The blindness of ministers is no excuse for the darkness of the people! The man who from indolence, or superstition, or affected humility — refuses to test the teaching of the minister whom he finds set over him, however unsound it may be — will at length share his minister’s portion!

If people will trust blind guides — then they must not be surprised if they are led to the pit!

  • J.C Ryle